Everything About Speeding Up Your Website

Everything About Speeding Up Your Website

Some studies show that every second faster speed of the website will result in an increase of 7% in conversion. Website speed is something really a needful thing in the world. The faster your website be, the more people will stay on your website, and ultimately you will get more and more conversions. Now people often ask how fast should a website be? And the answer is, as much faster as possible for you! The present fastest website in the world is ‘Google.com’. No doubt, the company is just an incredible giant in everything. We have summed up in this blog everything about speeding up your website.

Probably now you will get all the answers to your questions. Stay here, keep reading till the end and if you know about speeding up your website and you want some help to load your website faster, you can contact us now, here! So, let’s continue.

How fast your website should be?

Well, researches show that it is said to be good, in fact, great if your website load in less than 3 seconds. This is an obvious thing. Imagine you go to a shop or store, where you ask the shopkeeper for something, but he is not responding quickly and he is making you wait for a long. How would you feel? Soo bad disappointed, right? Probably he will not come to your shop again. And there are chances that he would also tell everyone to not visit your shop. And you don’t want this to happen.

Just like that, you have your website in the form of the shop and you are its owner, a shopkeeper. So, if you want to keep customers on your website, it depends on you that how perfectly you handle your shop so that customers will come to your shop and return happily. Make sure if your website is taking more than 3 seconds to load then there is surely something that you should change about that. It will not only make your customers disappointed but will also cause a huge loss.

What is the perfect load time for a website?

When it’s come to speeding up your website, it is so essential that we talked about what is the great loading time for your website should be? This one is deep enough because the website loading time depends on several factors. It is a little complicated because your website doesn’t load at once. But it loads in pieces.

It depends on factors like pages, posts, image sizes, browsers, speed of the internet and more. Some things are completely out of your control, you can’t do something about. For example, user’s browsers, user’s internet and speed. But still, there are some things left for you. 

How to know your website speed?

This is one of the common questions came to the user’s mind is how do you about your website’s speed. Well, there are some tools and sites through which you can get to know about the speed. You can use tools like Google Page Speed Insights and Alexa Traffic Rank, which will tell you your page speed. 

Why does your website matter?

Your website speed really makes an impact on your website ranking, leads and it’s conversions. The Google bots always check for the faster website and rank them in the search engine. It does affect the User Experience (UX)  also. If you want to know more why it is important to optimize your website speed, you can read our blog, ‘Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly’?

Tips to improve website speed

  1. Reduce the redirects of your website
  2. Optimize images and large files.
  3. Use browser caching for a better experience
  4. Put the videos on external videos on other platforms and link it.
  5. Minify the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files.

So, that was everything about speeding up your website. And hopefully, you have all the answers to your questions about website speed. If you have some confusions and queries relevant to the topic, you can comment down or you can get in touch with us, we have our expert team to help you out. Contact Designing Bulls now!

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