Facebook Ads – You don’t wanna miss out!

Facebook Ads – You don’t wanna miss out!

“Facebook has 1.59 Billion monthly users. That can be your Facebook Ads reach.”

Facebook offers ads that allow businesses to target a specific audience based on
1. Interests,
2. Age group &
3. Geographical locations.
Businessmen and marketers believe that facebook ads have limited options, but that is NOT TRUE at all.

There are a huge number of targeting options and combinations for you. Whether it is
– target people who own specific mobile devices,
– seeking out page admins,
– finding gamers,
– reaching out to people who live in expensive homes,
– targeting people who love to shop,
– promote to people who recently started a job,
– targeting those who are away from family or home,
– finding people in a long-distance relationship,
– people who are celebrating milestone,
– reaching out to those with an upcoming anniversary,
– filter by political or regional beliefs,
– target by generation,
– reaching out to parents,
– targeting by level of education or academic degrees,
– people targeted by occupation or work,
– targeting by age or gender, etc.

Facebook ads are paid and also give you an option to choose the budget rate and how to manage your advertising budget.

When you hit a ‘like’ on any post or page, this acts as a sign to Facebook that you are interested in a particular product or brand.

Geotargeting on Facebook ads

Geotargeting is a way to restrict the audience to a particular location or a certain geographic area. It can be the best way to direct your message. And can be a powerful tool to maximize your ad efficiency.

Facebook can reach your target audience based on locations as a city, state or country. In the locations field, you can enter a physical address or geographical location and target people in a particular radius.

If you are running a business and targeting the immediate market while catching up on the competition, Facebook ads are the best option for you. 

Interest Targeting

But how to find a good interest in facebook ads or campaigns. This is an important category for marketers as interests are vastly varying across billions of users.

Go to your ad set settings and type anything into the search bar, and Facebook will suggest you similar interests. Interest targeting is something that you are targeting a large number of people or audience. You can apply ads depending on your industry and niche that are more likely to make conversions. 

Targeting the audience is also a way to capture your competitor’s audience. For example, if you are promoting cosmetics, you can target anyone who likes Lakme or Nykka.

facebook ads

Boosting posts

Another great option that Facebook provides is Boosting Posts. It is possible to target, friends, friends of friends excluding particular where appropriate to your strategy.

Boosting posts is an excellent option for sharing product, news, brand, and development for those who are searching for one, and it can help your post ‘go viral’. Having an audience who ‘like’ and share your posts is fun. Companies usually prefer professional advertisements for them but – funny, innovative, sentimental pictures, videos, and memes often work. 

“The average conversion rate of Facebook Ads is 9%.
But yours could be higher only if you choose the right for you.”

To make your Facebook ads more successful, you need a little research to learn more about facebook ads campaign. And then decide which metrics you should track. 

Remember it’s easy to get caught up in the engagement numbers and new ad formats. But the best results come from knowing just what to do with your audience data.

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