Do You Want To Improve Your Mobile Website?

Do You Want To Improve Your Mobile Website?

The holiday season is coming, and while sitting on the couch people loves to shop online. And the study shows that more than 52% of web traffic comes from mobile phones. Your poor mobile sites can make your buyers sad and disappointed. Answer these questions, Do you have a website which loads in 3 seconds? Do you have a responsive site? Do you want to improve your mobile website? If yes, you are in the perfect place. You will know why!

A bad mobile website can lead to several loss which include lower conversions, losing customers, bad reviews and low search rankings. The good news is you can figure it out. Without wasting your precious time, let’s look out the ways that can improve your mobile website.

Speed matters

Speed matters, Do You Want To Improve Your Mobile Website?

The most effective point in mobile websites is loading speed and response time. Look at your site and in how much time it loads to open? If it is more than 3 seconds your mobile website needs a website redesign. Obviously, who wants to wait for the page to load. No one waits. Your website needs to have much faster to respond. The world’s fastest website is which takes 1.247 seconds to load. It is a way faster than 70% of other sites. After all, the first impression is the last one.

Optimize the files

The more data your site has, the more it will take time to respond and load. Your mobile website should not have excess weight on it. Every web designer and developer knows how much it is important to check if the site is overweighted or not. You just have to do one thing, optimize CSS and JSS files. You can also hire a web developer to do that for you.

Compress the images

Okay, we know how much people love the quality images and it should not be blurry. But, sometimes, high-quality images affect page speed and response time. Keeping in mind the thing, we recommend you to use software that can compress your high-quality pictures without losing its quality. Tinypng is the software through which you can do the job.

Better interaction

User experience is very crucial for the mobile site’s first impression. It is important for you to make buttons and large fonts so that it can be easy for your readers to interact with the design. Remember, your customers are using mobile phones to scroll. This small fix can lead to huge profits. It can also help users who have a lower vision or other disabilities.

Interactive content

Interactive content

Who wants to visit a site which is boring and just filled with text? Obviously nobody. If you are putting efforts into making content, try to make it further interesting so that there will be more and more visitors on your site. Use images, graphics, illustrations, GIFs, memes and just make it interesting.

These all are the answers to the trouble, Do you want to improve your mobile website. practice this on your mobile website and you will be amazed by the results.

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