Do you have dreams?

Do you have dreams?

Do you have dreams? Obviously, you have one! But the question is are you working on it? If yes, then cheers and keep going. But if you are not, then what are the things that stop you to work on it. 

There are two types of people, one is having dreams in their mind but not doing anything to complete it. They’re just dreaming. Another one is who has dreams and goals in their mind and they’re also working on it every single day. 

People often dismiss their dream after daydreaming, they don’t even try to pursue them. And if this is what you are doing, nothing will gonna be okay. 

If you dream and you don’t work on them, you don’t make changes in your life then nothing will change except frustration, depression, anger and maybe you can be lost control over everything. 

Now you must ask how can I pursue my dreams, or I’m feeling like I can’t do it. So let’s just solve the things which are the reasons for your trouble.

You need to get out of your comfort zone

Most people take it lightly that there is no need to get out of your comfort zone but the thing is everything you dream is out of that box where are you comfortable and doing nothing but relaxing and waiting for the perfect time to get out. This is completely wrong. You need to get out of your comfort zone now. Right now! 

If you’re thinking like I am alone or how can I do this or whatever, then just do it. Don’t think too much. You don’t need friends or family to pursue your dreams. Because it’s ‘your dream’. Do you know what successful entrepreneurs do? They repeatedly tell themselves to keep going. And that is the trick!

Simone Biles, who is considered the world’s greatest female gymnast before even competing the Olympics says that “Be a risk-taker! I took a risk in 2018. I did things that terrified me. It made me realize who I was. I do something always that scares me. It teaches me to be fearless!”

Here comes a piece of great advice from a great woman. 

If you want to complete that dream, just go after it. Get all the courage together and do it anyway. Take risks. If you face failure, that’s okay. Keep going but just don’t quit anyway. And the good thing is it takes nothing but ‘courage’.

It takes a lot of courage

Now, what do you understand by ‘courage’? It is a short word but has a huge meaning. 

Courage is a decision. Courage is a roar. Courage is being yourself every day when the world tells you to be someone else. Courage is something that wakes you up every morning and make you say, I’ll try one more time! 

There might be times when things go out of control when you feel helpless when you think nothing can be done now. But then, a voice comes from inside, You can! You have to! And when these voices start coming from inside, then understand that you are brave. There is some bravery left inside you. 

Dr. Joseph Murphy, an American author says in his book called ‘The power of Subconscious mind’, your subconscious mind influences every single aspect of your life. By understanding its power, you can control and improve the quality of your daily life. From getting that achievement you deserve, increasing your wealth, changing bad habits and overcoming phobias, you can do all this with your mind. 

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. Harriet Tubman

Live your dream

Are you just daydream or also live it? 

Everyone has the purpose of their life. A goal, a desire in the mind that leads our life, that one big wish gives us a direction where to go. It is only dreams because we see ourselves happy and finding the meaning of life. But what makes us run after that wish or that dream?

Start by small. Start with small dreams, start with the things that are within your reach and you can complete it in small time. This will give confidence that you can do anything you want and gives you a smile of accomplishment. 

Make affirmations and use imagination. Keep on pushing for your dream. It is quite an amazing thing that, if we can think about it, we can also achieve it. Only you have the power to affirm the things you want badly. Only you have that power of imagination in which you built your world of dreams. Make a list of your desires and say it loudly every single day, especially when the ‘give up’ thought comes to your mind. Live your dream, when you live your dream, you automatically work towards it no matter what is happening in your life. You stop looking for others approval, you start believing in yourself. 

Have a positive aspect of everything. To work towards your dreams, you need to have a positive attitude. Whatever you do, you need to start expecting positive results. If you fail, learn to look at it as a lesson, improve it and move on. Always look for ways to overcome difficulties and don’t run from them. Sometimes, you don’t always feel that you’re on the top of the game. But that doesn’t mean that you’re not going to do that. Wait for a moment, look around, fix it and keep going.

Forget quitting. Delete the word ‘quit’ from your dictionary of mind. If you do so, miracles will happen to you. Make a plan, have a positive attitude and stay consistent. Awkwafina, who is an American actress, comedian and a rapper says that “Life is a series of ups & downs when you go up, there’s no way to go but down. And, when you go down, there’s no way to go but up.” 

Love yourself

Finally, the trick is to love yourself every day. Because it is well said that everything starts with you. Do every single thing that makes your soul happy. If you have a good attitude, if you’re having a healthy diet, if you’re taking a night of good sleep and if you’re working consistently and happily then no one in this world is going to stop you. 

Diane Von, one of the celebrated Fashion Designer says, “The most beautiful relationship is the one you have with yourself.” People will judge you, people will point you, people might say you can’t do it, you don’t deserve this, but remember to love yourself no matter what. That doesn’t mean to please yourself, it’s just owning who you are and be the best who you are.

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