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There is no secret that publishing blogs, articles and other content on your website are definitely a great way to gain SEO strategies so that you can connect with your customers and audience on a more personal way. Most of the marketers do a mistake by choosing quantity over quality. They always try to post little content every day so that it can bring more and more traffic. We’ll discuss how content is the pillar of your business. 

The truth is creating high-quality content is not easy. There is a huge difference between uninformative casual blogs and posts, and on the other hand, informative and valuable blogs that draw the reader’s attention. You need to take some time and create quality content that will become a pillar for your business. Now that question comes to, what is a pillar-like content? 

What is Pillar Content?

Content that provides the right answer to the user, is called pillar content. Your user is searching for some topic that you have. The pillar content specially designed to provide some value for the reader and also it will rank in search engines. The pillar content should solve the problems of the customers or readers by giving accurate and valuable information. It’s different from other content of the same subject. The perfect combination of trustworthy, informative and creative information is what called pillar content. 

Let’s know the steps through which you can create content as a successful pillar for your business.

Understand Your Audience

You need to start with the base. And when we are talking about the base, knowing your audience comes first. First of all, you need to know your audience. What age group of they are? What are their interests? What is their location? By reaching their deepest thoughts and interests, you can build the pillar of content for your business. 

Make sure the articles you are creating can bring value to your readers. It should solve their problems. Also, the articles should be in the manner that the readers should share it as much as possible. To know your audience, you can use analytics tools like Google Analytics which allows you to know everything including gender, age group, geographic location, education level, and much more. Literally, whatever do you want?

Identify The Need

The next equally important step is identifying your audience’s needs and wants. By discovering the needs of your potential customers, you will also discover the issues that are going in their minds. Also, you will know what topics are they searching for. 

For article ideas, take a look at popular articles of famous websites, and make sure there should no plagiarized content. 

Create Serious Good Content

At this stage, you should have few ideas about pillar content and it should meet users needs and wants. Now, if we talk about the present times, creating pillar content articles is the best thing you can do. Make sure your articles and blog should be that amazing that the readers will have to bookmark your website. 

Now the question comes to how to write the good and best articles?

  • Headline – It is no surprise that 80% of people continue reading articles after watching the headlines. This is the first thing people see. You should make it attractive, catchy & informative. 
  • Stories – People do love stories as it creates a sense of reality and human connection. Just because you are not writing novels does not mean you can’t tell stories in your articles. 
  • Research – Have you ever read articles like ‘Most people own iPhone’? Sounds great but if you do a little research, you will find that 62% of people go for Android at their first purchase of a phone. Don’t go with this mistake, there is no way back if you lose the trust of your readers. 

Promote Your Articles

Once you are done with your articles, the next step for you is to publish it on your website and promote it. Keep the articles in front of your audience regularly by promoting it at many platforms as possible. 

  • Link your articles to your ‘About’ page of the website. 
  • Share your articles in online communities, groups and also you can share on your social media platforms and stories.
  • Reach out to influencers and let them know what you did. 
  • Don’t forget internal links in your blog posts.

This is all about ‘content is the pillar of your business’. For doubts and queries, comment down and let us know. Share this article with your people and stay connected with Designing Bulls.

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