Are you keeping the resolutions of 2020?

Are you keeping the resolutions of 2020?

Many people have set resolutions for 2020 and many of us just set resolutions for 2020. Understanding the difference? Okay, we all set some goals for the new year and find it difficult to start especially if it’s like starting from the scratch. Whether it is to lose weight, or to eat healthily or to be more productive. But the question is, are you keeping the resolutions of 2020? If not, here is how you can achieve it.

Be in reality

Being, in reality, does not mean to think like you can’t do something big or you don’t deserve. It is something that we go for too big instantly without any planning. Making a very big and drastic change to our life seems difficult. This is the reason most people stop doing anything big. Start with small steps. Set some easily relatable goals to achieve the bigger one. For example, if you want to lose 10kgs in 3 months, start by losing 1kg in 2 weeks.

Stick to your goal

Stick to your goal, Are you keeping the resolutions of 2020?

According to psychology, it takes 63 days to make a habit. You just need to pick up a goal and follow it 63 days with continuity. It is that easy. For example, if your goal is to read books then start reading for 63 days. You will automatically see that a habit is building. Make sure to be patient and consistent otherwise you will lose it. That is how you can keep your resolutions of 2020.

Remember and reward

Remember and reward, Are you keeping the resolutions of 2020? travel

Whatever your goal is, always remember why you are doing this. When you are struggling to achieve it or when you find it is hard to achieve keep reminding yourself why you started. When you manage to complete one task don’t forget to pamper yourself. Give yourself a reward like getting new running shoes, having a spa day or a solo trip.

Track yourself

Track yourself,

It is one of the most important points for keeping the resolutions in 2020. Make short term goals, and track your actions and habits. By tracking your habits you will have a record of how you are doing and what is lacking. That will show exactly where you are. Apps such as Habitshare track your habits.

Tell your close ones

Don’t keep your goals a secret, tell your close ones what you going to do. They will support you throughout the process. And when you find support, you will likely to stay consistent and keep going.

Have patience

Have patience, Are you keeping the resolutions of 2020?

It will not happen overnight. But it will happen one day. Just keep going. It takes anything to become a habit. Follow the above ways and stay patient in achieving your goals. Remember why you started. Remind yourself every time to be patient and consistent in all terms.

So, now ask yourself again, are you keeping the resolutions of 2020? Whenever you feel down or like quitting, remind yourself of the question, you need to keep the resolutions.

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