Are You Also Making These Social Media Mistakes?

Are You Also Making These Social Media Mistakes?

We have in the golden age of technology and social media is one of the best technologies we have. The best way to market everything is social media. Whether it is to connect, learn, share, publish, to influence others, everything can be done with social media. The most fun way of marketing and the most effective way to handle any business is social media. If you think you will get success by using social media or by just posting content. There is something about the biggest social media mistakes that maybe you are doing. So watch out, Are you also making these social media mistakes?

Social Media is not just about You

We often use social media to post pictures, videos or about ourselves. It can be some achievements, it can be posted from daily life. No doubt, you are posting, you want to share, you are proud of having something. But there is a fact that people don’t pay attention to is what are you giving them. When you post about yourself only, there will be no suprising engagement from it. It can be a social media mistake for you.

 If you are a brand, then focus on what can you give to your customers and audience. You need to focus on the contribution you are giving.

Don’t copy anybody’s post or content

This is another mistake which people make. If you are watching your competitors and trying to steal their posts and content, and you are using the content in your profile, then it is surely the bad idea. You should not do this. We also sometimes comment on someone’s posts about our brand and company to follow back. This is also called hijacking and which is considered as spam activity.

Maybe you get excited for some time, but this is not the place to share and promote your brand. However, there are some websites and platforms for commenting on your brand.

If you are making an offer, do deliver.

There are many brands I have seen which promote offers and free courses etc, but they don’t actually provide them to their customers or audience. They don’t share the actual thing which they should share.

This is one of the biggest social media mistakes people make. You need to focus on your customers and what are you actually giving to them. Helping your customers is obviously the reason you will get the engagement and you will also get organic results. This is what you need to do to grow organically.

  • Provide genuinely informative content
  • Try to build long-term trust
  • Respond to the comments and queries on time
  • And be helpful always.

So that was all about the social media mistakes that we often make in daily lives. Learn through this, we hope this article you have found helpful and informative. Tell us your thoughts and queries in the comment section and stay connected with Designing Bulls.

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